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A little about Tots Bots

Fiona and Magnus gave birth to Tots Bots in 2000 after having a baby and realising that there had to be a better way than disposables. They are now one of the strongest brands in the nappy market, particularly in the UK and Europe and are stocked in huge retail outlets and chains including Tesco. They are based in Scotland and manufacture their products locally, with ethics and care for the environment at the core of everything they do.

A little about Tots Bots Australia

In 2013 Tots Bots Australia was purchased by passionate cloth nappy users and champions Aaron and Nikki Wainhouse, parents to Courtney (then 3 years old) and Stella (then 9 months old). The Wainhouse’s not only found modern cloth nappies so easy to use, but discovered they could save a tremendous amount of money by using reusable nappies. They also loved the fact that in their family alone they were preventing thousands of disposable nappies from clogging up landfills and harming the environment.  A legacy they do not want to leave for their children. So when the opportunity came up to buy a cloth nappy business the decision was easy.
With such passionate people taking ownership and running Tots Bots Australia you can expect nothing but the best service, delivering one of the world’s best cloth nappy brands available.  You can also expect great product offers and new product developments.
Equally passionate about cloth nappies is Tots Bots general manager, Karyn Cray.  Karyn brings over 9 years of experience working in the cloth nappy market and is a converted devotee to cloth nappies having used disposables with her first son but only cloth nappies with her second son.