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How Many?

We are often faced with the question of "how many nappies should I buy?". This is a hard question to answer and has quite a few influencing factors. The number of nappies you need will depend on the age of your child, how often you intend to wash, how you intend to dry the nappies and your own baby's habits.

Key considerations when determining quantities:

  • Cost - Fewer nappies offer a cost saving in the immediate term but they earn their value if you use them for a subsequent child
  • Wear and tear - Half as many nappies get twice as much wear and tear and therefore only last half as long
  • Washing routine - Fewer nappies means you have to was more often
  • Drying method - If you don't have a dryer you need allow for more dry nappies to use while the washing is drying

Basically, you need 6-8 nappies per day, so you multiply this by the number of days you want between doing the washing, and add another day's worth to allow for drying times. So...

Days between washing How many nappies
1 12-16
2 18-24
3 24-32
4 30-40

Once you've worked out how many nappies you need, you need to work out which style to go for, or if a mixture, how many of each. The all-in-ones are best for during the day as they are the easiest to use and dry the quickest, but the fitteds are best for over night night as they absorb more. Read this page to work out which ones will be best for you.

My experience

I started my stash with 20 nappies, and I found that it lasted 1.5 kids, that is, halfway through my second child I had to buy some more as they were too worn out. So if I'd had a few more, the reduced wear and tear probably would have meant that I would have comfortably had my two kids through he same set. With the benefit of hindsight, my ideal stash would have been:

  • 6 size 1 fitteds and 2 covers
  • 24 all-in-ones
  • 6 size 2 fitteds and 2 covers

The rationale being that I would have two thirds of my stash being the super easy all-in-ones which are great for during the day and when out and about, and then one third more specifically for overnight when super absorption is needed. Having both sizes of the fitteds at the same time, and using the size 2 as a birth to toilet nappy when baby was small, I would have had greater flexibility by having some extra nappies for when baby was little and pooing so frequently.

This is why we have structured our packages the way we have. They are all centered around 6, 12, 18 or 24 packs and you can mix and match the kits to get the quantity that is going to ultimately suit you and your family best.

If you're still struggling with how many to buy, please contact us with some information about your situation, and we'll help you work it out.