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I met you at the Baby Expo on the weekend. I've used the bamboozles for two nights now and no wetting of the clothes during the night. I must admit I was still sceptical but they're great. It's a bit of trial and error with how much extra to put in for the added absorbency, but I figure that won't take too long. I'm not going through the 3 disposable nappies per night and he is still waking, but at least I've ruled out the wet part, and he's waking later, so I'm getting another couple of hours sleep in the one stint. Thank you for your help. I would never have thought that cloth nappies were so absorbent and that they would be part of my answer to night waking.

Donna L, NSW

I received my order last week and am delighted. I have tried so many different nappies available in Australia and NZ but these are by far the best. I particularly like the ones without Aplix as they are so soft and comfy. These are what nappies should be like. The towelling is luxuriously thick and soft. It is great that they have elastic not only around the legs but also around the waist. I must confess that I was a bit doubtful that they would fit my daughter because they looked too small but they fit nice and snuggly and still have room left (she weighs approx 11.5kg). And not only am I impressed with the nappies but the covers are good too. They are very well shaped and easy to put on. I love how they stretch with movement but don't let anything out.

Esther R, Queensland

I've tried quite a few nappies now and really by far the Tots are way superior in every way. It's funny the more I use cloth the more I like them. I started out doing it on a whim and for the challenge of it, but now it's not even a challenge it's a pleasure to use them (uh oh those are nappy nerd words!).

Milly S, Western Australia

Now we are in ALL Tots Bots - something I have wanted since I bought the first one (over twelve months ago) but kept putting off, mostly due to the cost. I kept buying a nappy here and a nappy there of all shapes and sizes. But it's the Tots Bots that fit and perform THE BEST. I have learnt from this and recommend Tots Bots as the best. I love the size of the wipes. Having originally made my own wipes I was hesitant to buy them, but found the towelling much better quality than I used and the size means you usually only have one wipe per cleanup and don't usually get it all over you as with using smaller multiple wipes.

Rebecca B, NSW

My cover arrived and I love, love, love it! I love the extra bit of velcro stuff to overlap, I love the shape and the fit and that it contains the entire terry. And by golly it's just cute looking! OK, I know YOU already know how great Tots Bots are, but I still had to write to you and tell you how happy I am with them. The nappy has already been pre-washed twice today (it's really hot here today and it dried quickly) so my son is wearing his nappy and cover at the moment. The cover is nice and soft, and the nappy is just so fluffy and soft. Fancy getting sooo excited over nappies....

Dee J, Western Australia

They're wonderful - I'm particularly impressed with the Tots cover. Everything that has been said about Tots Bots on the EB site is so true - don't know why it has taken me this long to order them.

Melissa L, New South Wales

The nappies arrived promptly and I love them!! My son's bottom is so much softer already than it was when he was in disposables.

Belinda S, Victoria

The Tots Bots is fantastic, I'm extremely happy with it. Even my son (17 months) who has 'outwet' so many other nappies was great in the Tots Bots. I'm also impressed with the drying time, I was concerned with its high absorbency that it may take a while to dry, but that hasn't been an issue at all. We will definitely be stocking up on more when our little girl arrives.

Julie S, New South Wales