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Which ones?

Choosing which nappy to get, can be a tough decision to make. Thankfully, Tots Bots offer a few styles which means that we can always find a nappy that will suit you and your baby. There are two basic nappy styles in the range:

Fitted nappy and cover

Two piece reliability

All-in-one nappy

One piece convenience

Pros Cons Pros Cons
  • Elastic in the nappy and the cover means a double barrier that even number three's can't get through
  • Slightly cheaper as you only buy 1 cover to every 4-5 covers
  • Absorb a huge amount of liquid and can easily be boosted to absorb even more, so they're great for overnight
  • Tend to be a little bulkier than the all-in-one
  • A really wriggly baby can make the two-step nappy change process a little more challenging
  • Greater amount of fabric means slightly longer drying times
  • The nappy and the cover are sewn together in one piece, making for a quicker and easier nappy change
  • Most like a disposable to use, so tend to be the most dad/carer friendly
  • Slightly more expensive as each nappy includes an built in cover
  • Don't absorb quite as much as a fitted nappy and are therefore best as a day-time option

Fitted nappy and cover - two piece reliability

There are two fitted nappies available - the Bamboo Stretch and the FlexiTot. The Bamboo Stretch has a higher bamboo content with a microfibre core, while the Flexitot has a fold out microfibre panel and a synthetic outer reducing the 'ew' factor when handling soiled nappies.

Both fitted nappies come in two sizes. The Size 1s fit from around 3.5kg - 8kg. This means they will typically last to around 8-10 months of age, although we know of cases where the Size 1 has lasted until 16 months or longer! The Size 2 is quoted to fit from 8kg-18kg.

Both nappies have a row of poppers on the front so that they can be adjusted to fit a smaller weight range. So the full size range of the Size 2 is actually around 3.5kg - 18kg and can therefore be used as a birth-to-toddler nappy. As with all birth-to-toddler nappies, a Size 2 can be a little bulky in the early days, but it does offer the cost saving of only having to buy one size. Many customers prefer to have a mixture of sizes, for example you can have 24 x Size 2 nappies and 12 x Size 1 nappies so that 36 can be used from birth with 12 of them being trimmer fitting and then having 24 that will fit right through to toilet training. Read more on our "How many?" page for suggestions of packages.


The Tots Bots covers come in 4 sizes. As you will see from the table below, the recommended weight ranges for each cover start at a slightly higher weight than for the nappies. However, the crossover tabs mean that in fact each cover can fit a wider weight range than the strict recommendation.

Generally, you should use the same size cover as nappy (ie. Size 1 nappy and Size 1 cover, Size 2 nappy and Size 2 cover). The Size 0s are for newborns and provide a particularly snug fit in the early days. If using the Size 2 nappy from birth however, we recommend that you start with a Size 1 cover. You would then move to Size 2 covers when your baby approached 9kg in weight.

Size Nappies Covers
0 n/a 2kg - 5.5kg
1 3.5kg - 8kg 4.5kg - 9kg
2 8kg - 18kg 9kg - 16kg
3 16kg + 16kg +

All-in-one nappy - one piece convenience

The Tots Bots All-in-one nappy has tacked the age old problem of longer drying times in all-in-one nappies, with a unique fold out system that makes them dry even faster that the fitted nappy!

This size range is quoted as fitting from 3.5kg to 16kg, which makes them an ideal birth to toilet training option.